LLBV Management holds part time or full time your on-going Credit Management, for a few week to several month period.

  1. Operational Credit Management

  2. Strategic Group Credit Management

To succeed in a specific DSO reduction project, LLBV Management manages set-up and daily operations for you.

  1. Exceptional internal or outsourced Cash collection action

  2. Specific Cash collection operation by sales people

  3. Incentive Sales rep’s challenge to bargain new terms of payment



Intérim Group Credit Management

  1. BtoB Distribution – 36 countries – Self and external credit insurance – Securitization

  2. Group Credit Management 2 days / week during 5 months. Team management and board results reporting.

Sales reps’ challenge to change tools of payment

  1. BtoB Distribution BtoB – French market

  2. Set-up and management of a commercial challenge (450 staff) to move all customers to use electronic draft tool of payment.

Cash collection by Sales reps

  1. BtoB Distribution BtoB– French market – Recently SAP implementation

  2. Set-up and management of an exceptional cash collection projet by 350 field sales reps. Cashing and dispute management during 3 months.

AR Balance cleaning

  1. Ad agency - French law environment (with payment by 3rd part) - moving ERP

  2. Set-up and management of an exceptional cleaning project mainly by phone. Cashing and bookkeeping management.