LLBV Management serves Top Management and Finance Departments, Commercial Department, Credit Management, Treasury, Bookkeeping, Control, Internal Audit.

1. Internal Customer Risk Management

  1. Organization of departments and flows

  2. Modelling of Decision Making

  3. Optimization of existing tools

  4. Assistance for IT and/or external services selection (risk management, cash collection)

  5. Scoring and rating design

  6. Training; Management coaching

2. External Customer Risk Management

  1. Credit Insurance

  2. Audit of credit insurance contracts and brokerage services; costs’ reduction

  3. Design and implementation of group and multi-country schemes

  4. Tenders, negotiations, implementation of a credit insurance service

  5. Management assistance to follow, use and optimize a contract

  6. Audit, design and implementation of a captive insurance company

  7. Commercial information, rating solutions and other securities

3. Re-internalization of the Customer Risk Management

  1. How to optimize, adapt or move from a solution that has become inefficient?

  2. Organization and training